A loan acceptance letter is a letter issued by a bank manager or financial institution to inform a client about the approval of loan request. The letter confirms their loan request was received and approved by them, under the terms and conditions of the bank. The client can then either pursue in taking up the loan, or withdraw their offer.


Here is a loan acceptance letter sample:



Michelle Sanders

1673 Victoria Lane

Worthington OH 43175


April 8, 2016



Jeremy Danielle

1920 Robinson Road

Peoria IL 616024


Account Number: 33457800194303

Reference Number: 421567292


Dear Jeremy Danielle,




In reference to the recent loan request you sent for an amount of $40,000, our bank has approved of your request. We will however, need the completion of a few formalities by you. Our term of the loan is 15 years. The interest on this loan is calculated depending on the unpaid balance by the end of every month, but it will begin by a 7%. The first payment you will make will be of an amount of $250 on June 10.


When you decide to pick up the payment, you will have to visit our bank any day of the week. You will be asked to bring:

  • Your recent passport sized photographs (3)
  • Your salary slips photocopies
  • A bank statement of the past 6 months
  • Your National Security Card


Thank you for choosing our bank to avail the opportunity of paying off your debts. You can reach us at 222-2222 if you need any further assistance.


Your’s Faithfully,


Michelle Sanders

Manager Personal Loans Association

Easy to Get Loans Corporation