Barista is an Italian word which literally means “bartender.” While a Barista’s job might be similar to that of a bartender, their expertise however lies in an entirely different area.


The word barista is defined as a person who prepares espresso-based coffee and drinks.

In the world of coffee shops, a barista is a person who prepares both espressos and coffee.

Job Description:

While it is easy to make espresso at home with the usual machine, a barista mostly has to work on commercial espresso machines and coffee makers, which actually requires a lot of skill. A barista has to work on the different techniques of making espresso based coffee and other drinks keeping in mind different methods, preferences and even the weather prevailing on any particular day.

A barista also works on preparing the milk for your coffee in different ways. They are experts at frothing, steaming and foaming the milk. But, for this, a barista requires a proper training.

Barista Training and Competitions

A barista can acquire training in two ways: by attending training courses and by getting trained hands on by the employer or expert employees of a coffee house.

There are many coffee houses and shops which even offer the training. The job is so technical that professional baristas keep on working on their skills. Even international barista competitions are held to find out the best barista in the world. So, if you are planning to be a barista, you can even participate in the World Barista Championship.

But this is not just it! There are baristas who are expert in coffee grounding, coffee brewing, latte art and even the way they roast their coffee.

Thus, a barista is simply someone who knows their coffee extremely well and know just how to perfectly tantalize your taste buds!