A charter is the main document for an organization, which outlines the purpose and basis of that organization. It is the founding and organizing document of the organization, and it draws the features and positions of all the company parts within it. Basically, the charter will state what the organization is and what it plans to do.



For a new club, a charter is written in a proper format and layout. See the instructions below to get an idea on how one should write a club charter.


  1. Plan through the charter and think of its outline before writing it down.


  1. Define the purpose of your club in the opening paragraph. You can begin with the subject “Mission Statement” or “Preamble for the Charter of the Club”.


  1. Write the official name of your club, which will be used in the future for legal documents.


  1. Write the structure of the club, the principal functions, the club’s responsibilities, and the list of officers in it with their place in the club.


  1. List the permanent committees of your club that will run the organization. Spell the roles out succinctly and the time frames of each.


  1. Tell the term lengths of the officers next and how they were nominated, along with their qualifications. Explain their responsibilities.


  1. Specify the meeting schedules.


  1. Explain what the meeting will encompass.


  1. Describe the quorum of the clubs actions and issues with voting.


  1. Specify the rules and order of the club.


  1. write down when the charters can be amended and one what reasons it will be if the need be.