casino day trips

Playing a lot of poker online? Maybe it’s time for you to make a day trip to a casino to enjoy some free play at the game of luck and make some greens! Start making memories so that you can joke with your friends about “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”. Life can get stressful and taking breaks during your chaotic life is necessary to unwind. It may be tough to plan a long vacation, so make a day trip to a casino to try out your luck. Planning a trip for longer than a day can turn dangerous when you are betting your money so make it a short trip and a gaming adventure!


Planning a day trip to a casino is quite simple if you follow these steps:


What you will need

  • Money (of course!)
  • A group of friends
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • A handy computer with internet access
  • Your cell phone to call the casinos


What you will do

  1. Make a list of the friends going along with you. The larger the group for a major casino, the better the perks. Keep a group of people to 54 for best outcomes.


  1. Research and survey the casinos you can visit that offer a good ambiance. Choose one with tables games, table of slots, and tournaments. The casino should offer games like Blackjack, roulette, Texas hold’em bonus, and craps, where you can team up to bet your luck. These offers may be found in Atlantic City, or Las Vegas. Check whether they offer pick up, food, or cheap overnight offers.


  1. Divide the costs among the people going with you for the fare ride and food, etc. List down each item and add a few dollars up into it to avoid additional costs. 


  1. Plan what date suits you all, and book it. The best days to choose from are weekends, but the costs will go higher for you on these days. You can also look for a weekday the casino offers a special promotion.


  1. Plan the transportation. You can hire a bus, or go on cars. Plan out where to gather and get picked up from and where to make the stops on the way. You can find various day trip buses that head out to casinos specifically through the week.


  1. Make online reservations for the large group you are taking at the casinos. Use your credit card or your PayPal to make the online payment. This will save you a lot of time and hassle! 
  2. You can eat anywhere around the casino, but look for small restaurants that offer cheap but good food. Save money to play with, not feed with! Several casinos offer onsite-dining options which can be consumed if you wish to stay within the gaming area. Buffets are best to choose from and are cheaper in comparison then a-la-carte.


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You can plan the day trip around a time when there are musical events offered in the same place. That way you can make the best of both! Set your itinerary around seasonal promotions and check the online calendars to see what resonates with you and the group of people going with you. Good casinos  offer a variety of amenities to its visitors, so learn about these promotions and personalize your time with your friends in a truly amazing casino experience!


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