One of the most difficult obstacles in the life of an insurance agent is to find clients that are willing to settle down to their terms over gaining an insurance. Selling life insurance even after impeccable clarity, optimistic promises, and promotional offers is difficult as it is connected to the part that people don’t like to discuss – death. If an agent talks about demise for gaining their clients insurance offers, they might scare their clients off. So what is the right way to sell life insurance more effectively without making future clients run away?


Yes, it is difficult to find life insurance leads, but it is not impossible! There are several ways to approach the topic of dealing with death without scaring people away. Once you learn how to get ore life insurance clients, you can turn into a pro insurance agent. If you are looking to gain more life insurance clients, then you should consider following these ideas.


Create a List of Contacts

On a notepad, make a list of all the people you know. These can be your friends, or general acquaintances. Call them and tell them what you are offering with your life insurance. Ask them if they need additional insurance or if they know anyone who is in need of life insurance.


Select a Niche MarketHow to Get More Life Insurance Clients

Look for niche or small subsets of your market. For life insurance prospects, everyone is included in your market since death is inevitable, but make a list of the people who will really benefit with life insurance, or people with a risky job. These can include firefighters, skydivers, surfers, taxi drivers, truck drivers, law enforcement officers, electrical power line installers, construction workers, roofers, the sick, or people who travel a lot. Reach out to these people with a flyer, a phone call, or a personal meeting to explain your life insurance offers. They will be at all ears especially if they have a family to look after.



Start joining community organizations so that you can network and socialize with different people. This way, when you attend meetings, you can introduce yourself and tell people about life insurance without looking like a salesperson. Give your business card to these new people you meet. Visit social gatherings to meet new people. Take up a sport like golf, swimming, or tennis at a local club to interact with different people. Your strongest market is building a network with professionals from different industries.


Speak to Old Clients

With the other clients you have, use your relations to extend your business. Ask them to bring more people they know who may need life insurance. Your existing clients are the source of verbal marketing, which attracts more customers to your business. They will spread the word about you when you gain a respectable and trusted relation with them.



Market your business by placing advertisements in the newspapers and business magazines. Mention your name and contact number. Explain what your insurance is offering. You can also advertise with billboards, flyers, banners, social media networks, and radio announcements.




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