The life of car window films is short and the film will begin to form bubbles and discoloration overtime. In order to get rid of this unsightly tint, you can follow this easy technique to DIY at home.


What you will need


  • Black trash bags
  • Dish washing soap mixed in water in a spray bottle, or Windex glass cleaner
  • Razor blade (or knife)
  • Scissors
  • Spray bottle of ammonia
  • Fine steel wool




  1. But the black garage bags in the shape of the window.


  1. Spray the cutout shape with the soapy water or the glass cleaner on one side and cover a window with the bag. Smooth the bag flat.


  1. Cover everything inside the car with a cloth. Now spray the ammonia on the inner surface on the window. Wear a face mask when you spray the windows.


  1. No add a plastic bag sheet on the inner side of the windows with the ammonia. Leave the car in the sun for an hour or two.


  1. Lift the window film from the corner with a razor blade, and peel off the tint.


  1. Remove the bags from the inner side of the windows and clean with glass cleaner.


  1. With the steel wool and ammonia, any remaining tint can be removed. Wipe it off with a dry paper towel to get clean windows.