Black clothing items, especially black jeans, can easily fade after several washes. You are tempted then to throw these clothes out, but what if you could re-dye them to make them look new again? Faded out black jeans are simple to darken and renew. So you can save your beloved jeans and bring them back to life!


Here is what you have to do:


  1. Find a place to work. This could be indoor, or outdoor, but preferably a place you can get dirty and that has good ventilation. Spread a trap and paper towels around the area.


  1. Fill a bucket with hot water. The water temperature should be at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit (you can use a food thermometer to check). You should have 3 gallons of hot water in the bucket.


  1. Put on your work gloves and an apron (or old clothes) to avoid dye stains.


  1. Pour a bottle of black fabric dye in the stub and stir well with a long handled spoon.


  1. Pour a cup of salt and stir the water again.


  1. Place your beloved faded black jeans in a sink and run water over it until they are drenched. Wring the water from it.


  1. Insert the jeans in the bucket of dye and submerge them with the spoon. Stir frequently for 20 minutes.


  1. Remove the jeans and place them on the tarp. Let any dye water dispose off by placing it in a sink.


  1. If you want the jeans even darker, refill the tub with hot water and 1 ounce of dye fixative for 30 minutes.