It was before the invention of smartphones that most old home movies and videos were made via analog and digital camcorders. This led to those heartfelt memories being filmed and recorded on 8mm film home movies on video. Unless the film is stored properly, overtime, the 8mm film will decay and the wonderful memories on those will be lost forever. However, there is a very simple solution to this problem. You can transfer the videos made on those films to DVD or VHS for preservation, which is safe in storage and repeated viewing.


For any reason, you may wish to transfer your personal information from an 8mm disk to a disk. An 8mm film convert to a disk requires a 8mm film player and TV tuner card. This process is very simple to do and does not need any skills in computers to perform it. Follow this guide to learn how you can convert the 8mm film convert to a disk:


Things you will need

  • An 8mm movie projector or cassette player
  • A camcorder
  • Film transfer box
  • TV tuner card
  • Computer with a CD writer or DVD burner
  • Blank discs



  1. Ensure you have a TV tuner card installed in the computer. This is important as it captures the video from the 8mm film player. Insert the 8mm cassette in the 8mm cassette player, using the same camcorder used for making the video as well.


  1. Connect the camcorder to the TV tuner car by connecting the A/V cable’s RCA output from the camcorder to the “Line in” or the “Video in” ports.

8mm film convert

  1. Turn on the computer, and set on the TV tuner’s control panel. Here, you will see a button saying “Record”. Click on this.


  1. Press the play button then on the camcorder to reduce the blank video from the start of the video you made.

  1. After the playback finishes, press “Stop” on the TV tuner’s control panel. This will stop the recording and you can then save the recorded video to a digital format by AVI file converters in a computer.

  1. Insert the blank disk in the CD writer drive and then burn the film to the disk by turning on the disk burning program. Load the video to the burn list and select “Start” or “Burn”. Your disk will start burning. Upon completion, you will be notified.


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Converting an 8mm film to a disk can be done by a professional as well. This may be an easier option if you want to avoid the painstaking in transferring the film or do not have the time to do so. It will also ensure crisp quality in sound and color when professionally done if the quality of the film is very bad. This is because professionals have high-end equipment designed for motion pictures along with high quality equipment from the best filming brands. We suggest you take the film for professional help if the film is in bad condition. But if you want to save money, you should try the instructions given above.


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