Abdominal bloating is caused due to a buildup of gas in the intestines, which make the stomach appear to be swollen. Bloating leads to symptoms like cramps, pain, shortness of breath, lower back pain, diarrhea, and belching.


There are many factors that creates stomach bloating, which include constipation, anxiety, smoking, overeating, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), premenstrual syndrome (PMS), indigestion, menopause, trapped air, peptic ulcers, anorexia, and water retention. Therefore, the best way to get rid of bloating is through bowel movement and the encouragement of passing gas. For this to happen and relieve you from your discomfort, there are certain home ingredients that you can consume and remove the bloating from your abdomen.


Fennel Seeds

The best remedy for bloating is chewing on fennel seeds, as they have diuretic and anti-microbial properties. Chew on the seeds after having a big meal, or add a teaspoon of it to warm water and drink after 5 minutes to make a tea that will instantly relieve bloating.



Ginger is known for aiding in stomach problems, including bloating, as it contains ingredients like pungent compounds like gingerols and shogals that reduce inflammation in the intestines. Place a few shards of ginger in a cup of boiling water and set aside for 10 minutes. Drink with a teaspoon of honey and lemon juice mixed at least three times a day.



The menthol oil present in peppermint leaves has anti-spasmodic effects that soothes the stomach muscles and digestive tract. Make a peppermint tea by adding a few leaves in boiling water for 10 minutes. Drink two or three cups a day for bloating to be removed.


Chamomile tea

The herbal tea made by chamomile has anti-inflammatory properties that soothes the stomach and reduces heartburn.  Add a teabag to boiling water and leave for 10 minutes. Squeeze in some lemon juice and honey, if desired, and drink the tea a few times a day.



Pumpkins are rich in vitamin A, potassium and fiber that aids in digestion.  Steam, bake, or simply broil some pumpkin and have it as a side meal.


Caraway Seeds

The carminative and antimicrobial properties of caraway seeds makes it an excellent bloat remover. Carvol and carvene exist in these seeds that soothes muscle tissues and the digestive tract, leading to easy flow of gas. Chew on a few seeds throughout the day to relive stomach cramps and bloating.



Eat a banana everyday to get rid of stomach bloating. The potassium in the banana prevents bloating, as when your body is low on potassium, it starts retaining sodium and water in replacement. For other high-potassium foods, you can eat tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, Swiss chard, salmon, and halibut.



Consume yogurt as the bifid bacteria reduces bloating and flatulence in the abdomen.

Anise Seed

Anise seeds are also known for having anti-spasmodic properties. Add it in hot water to remove bloating by drinking it before and after every meal.


Cinnamon boosts digestion, and gives fast and instant relief to a bloated stomach. Mix 1/2 teaspoon of its powder in a glass of milk or water and drink once a day.


Warm Lemon Water

You must have heard about the remedy of drinking warm lemon water with honey first thing in the morning? Well that is to help boost the metabolism and digestive tract. Drink warm water with one small fresh lemon squeezed in it and add a teaspoon of honey to get a flat stomach again.


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