The most common complaint every woman makes is the appearance of fats on the face even when they have gained just a few pounds. If you have such kind of a face which appears to be rather fuller, and you tend to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror applying make up to make it appear rather skinny; then you should definitely start following these skinny face remedies regularly which we have compiled for you.


Keep Yourself Hydrated

This is the number 1 rule when it comes to weight loss. It doesn’t matter what your problem area is, but drinking at least 8 glasses of water daily has proven to aide weight loss. The simple reason behind this fact is that an ample amount of water flushes out the toxins from your body also most of the times when you think that you are feeling hungry, you are actually dehydrated. So you don’t tend to overeat at all.


Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Just like sleeping a lot causes weight gain, not sleeping properly also have the same result as well. This is why you should sleep for 6 to 8 hours at night. Not does a proper sleeping routine keeps your weight under control, but also slows down the aging process. So, if you have a sagging face and you don’t sleep properly, then now you know what the main culprit is.


Eat Healthy

A healthy diet can reduce not just the facial fats, but your overall weight as well. So, if you are into eating a lot of junk food or if your diet is not balanced, then you need to start working on this part of your life. Add more fruits and vegetables in your diet. Reduce the number of oily and fatty foods which you consume. Avoid having junk food as much as possible. Increase the fiber intake in your daily meal and avoid having carbs at night. You will see your fats shrinking from your face really rapidly.


Munch on Healthy Stuff

We all love to snack. But it is important that we should snack on healthy stuff. Instead of opting for cakes and cookies, start snacking on fruits and vegetables. You can also chew gum once in a while to get rid of the facial weight.


Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are the best for getting rid of chubby cheeks. Doing these exercises regularly along with following the above mentioned tips, you can get rid of facial fat easily.

Here is a list of wonderful exercises which are excellent for having a skinny face:

  • Suck in your cheeks to make a fish face. Hold your face like this for a minute and then return to the initial position. Repeat again.
  • Take a deep breath with your mouth and fill it with air. Close your lips by pressing them together. Now hold your face like this for 30 to 60 seconds. Exhale the air and repeat.
  • Tilt your face upward and stretch your tongue as if you are trying to touch the tip of your nose with it. Count till 10 and return to the starting position.
  • Close your lips and smile by stretching your face as wide as you can. Hold on to this position for 30 seconds, return to the initial position and repeat.

By regularly repeating a few sets of 5 reps of these exercises every day, you can make your face skinny after a while. The good thing is that you can do these exercises any time of the day and you can see the desired results soon.