Flat feet are a naturally inherited problem that most people have. Scientifically known as pes planus, flat feet occur due to ligaments and small bones on the underside of the foot. Although flat feet are normal in infants and toddlers, the tissues under the foot firm with age and create an arch. The main factors causing flat feet are genetic inheritance, obesity, and wearing footwear that is unsupportive.


Flat feet lead to back pains and slow walks in the long run. Sporting activities are also hindered by it. Therefore, fixing it is important for may people. Here are some ways to fix flat feet naturally.


  • Quit wearing heels that are higher than 2 ¼ inches as it leads to tightening the tendons.


  • Do not wear flat shoes, but instead, opt for shoes with ¼ to ½ inch heels.


  • Wear supportive shoes that give relief to the foot and relieve the back and leg pain. Look for comfortable walking shoes that have an arch support.


  • Get orthotics made. Orthotics are semi0rigid shoe inserts that aid in supporting the arch of the foot, and promote better walking and standing.


  • Lose weight if your flat feet are due to being overweight.


  • Get physiotherapy if you are still facing foot pain.