Ketosis breath arises when a person is in a state of ketosis – which is a condition in which a person has a low-carb intake. This happens when people are following low-carbohydrate diet plans. When the body undergoes ketosis, the burning of chemicals within leads to an unpleasant smell of gasses that escape from the mouth.

Although ketosis is something very normal and it is a metabolic process, having bad breath makes a person conscious and unconfident. It also gives a wrong impression of a person’s oral cleanliness, leading to devastating social and personal lives.


The best way to reduce ketosis breath is brushing your teeth frequently. But if you are out of the house for a little too long, look into these tips to keep your breath fresh:


  • Drink more water.


  • Use a moisturizing mouth spray.

  • Chew on mint leaves.


  • Chew on herbs.


  • Chew sugarless gum.


  • Keep sugarless mints in your pocket. Take one every few hours.


  • Use a mouthwash.