Electric razors have become an essential item for men’s necessities these days. And just like every other electronic product, an electric shaver requires maintenance and cleaning from time to time. Even if the box says “self-cleaning shaver”, you will need to clean it manually at some point. This is due to longevity, durability and for hygiene purposes. Clogged and unclean shavers lead to clogged bacteria and infections. This makes cleaning and sanitizing electric razors quite essential.

A general cleaning after every use is important, but giving a deep manual cleaning to the shaver should be done at least once a week. The best way to clean an electric razor is as follows:


  1. Switch off and unplug the electric razor.


  1. Remove the cutting head from the shaver by lifting it off from its support. (You will have to check the manual to see the way to open it correctly).


  1. With a toothbrush, loosen the accumulated hairs from the cutting head. Do not tap the head on the counter while you clean.


  1. With a cootn bud, clean the blades with alcohol or cleaning liquid.


  1. Allow the blades to dry for a while. Place it in sunlight to dry.


  1. Assemble the blades and head back for your next use.