Building a metal yard shed is a tough challenge, but if you follow this guide, you won’t have much of a problem with it!

Step 1

Install the floor frame first as this is the foundation to where the wall panels will be fixed in. Set the frame in a square shape. Fix this floor frame.


Step 2

Place the metal walls up now and secure them with one another. You will need another person to help you hold these, as the walls are flimsy.


Step 3

Use braces to secure the walls then. You should secure the door trim too now.


Step 4

Install the front and backsides of the shed (the gables) and install the roof beams. The roofs beams make the foundation for the roof panels and they are where the screws are attached to when securing the roof.


Step 5

Add side coverings to the center and sides of the metal roof. This helps in making the roof waterproof.


Step 6

Install the windows and the door now.