Everyone tends to have a hobby, which consists of collecting a particular kind or type of item. It can be coins, pens, books, jewelry, or figures. Here is a simple way to organize your collection:


  1. How do you want to see your collection? Do you want to display them on a shelf, in a basket, or a wall? Do you want to categorize them? Figure this out to see where to place these items.cd-dividers-square


  1. Everything looks neater when they are organized and categorized. For instance, if you have a makeup collection, set nail polishes together, and lipsticks together instead of mixing them all up.


  1. Purchase a shelf, a display stand, a book holder, or tables that will contain your collection.


  1. Devote an entire space for your collection, like a whole wall or corner of the house for decorations of a particular kind, or a corner book shelf for your comics.


  1. Track your collection by numbering them or making a software of them on Microsoft Excel.