Any cake baked in a tube pan can turn out to be a disaster if the cake doesn’t come out of it! Tuba pans usually get cakes clung to them, but there is a way to ensure the cake releases from the pan perfectly.


Here is what you have to do:


  • Set the pan on a parchment paper, and trace the bottom with a pencil.


  • Cut the traced outline with the scissors now.


  • Place the paper cutout at the bottom of the tube pan.


  • Now grease the pan and sprinkle flour on it.


  • Pour the cakes batter in the pan.


  • When the cake has been baked, remove it and set it aside to cool.


  • Put the cake plate at the top of the pan.


  • With the help of potholders, hold the cake plate in one hand and slowly turn the cake upside down on the plate with the other hand.


  • Let the cake cool and then remove the parchment paper.