No matter how dedicatedly you exercise and workout, there will be times when the routine or habit breaks down. Be it the winters, family commitments, sickness, or an overworked routine, getting off track from exercise is quite normal. And when that happens, it gets more intimidating to get back on track. This makes exercising non-existent in your life at some point, and you begin getting completely out of shape. So how do you get back into an exercise routine? This article will sum up some tips on setting up your exercise habits back into place.


The reasons of exercise you must know by now: improvement of energy levels in the body, boost of health, mood, good night’s sleep, removal of anxiety and depression, and keeping you fit for life. Make it a challenge to get into the routine of exercise with the benefits in mind.


Start Simple

Begin your exercise routine with the simple exercises, like a simple jog a day. You don’t have to take on the big weights at the gym instantly! Start with the treadmill to get you moving. Starting small will make you grow into getting in the bigger exercises.


Keep a Short Workout

Commit a small amount of time to your routine of exercise, like 5-minutes a day in the beginning. Once you begin moving, you can gradually add more time.


Make it a Challenge

Set a target on your weight loss for a big event. It could be a vacation at some beach, or a big wedding, to keep you motivated into looking good. This will keep you from getting off track again.


Mix Gym with Home

You don’t have to hit the gym every day. Create some exercises at home. That way, you won’t make excuses on leaving the house. Turn on aerobics or simple exercise videos on YouTube at home and start!


Feel Good

Do it for yourself to make you feel good. Looking good may be a prime reason, but exercises will make you feel good too. Celebrate what you are doing and that will make you confident on following your exercise routine.


Make a Diet Plan

Fitness and exercise goes hand in hand with what you eat. Along with a good routine, add in a good diet habit. Cut back on the snacks and junk food to see faster results.


Partner with a Friend

A friend will keep you motivated, so partner them up in the new exercise routine you are setting. You can take them to they gym or go on brisk walks together.