Who doesn’t love chocolate cake? And since we eat with the eyes first, the look of the cake is what is very important Below are some easy chocolate cake decorating ideas you can follow to make your new creation look as yummy as it tastes.


Edible Chocolate Garnishing

Chocolate garnishing that is edible looks elegant, and is very simple to make. Simply melt chocolate and then pipe it on to a waxed paper. Let this set for a few minutes, and you are done! You can create shapes of your desire, like hearts, stars, flowers, or simple lines. The designs look better free-hand.




Modern Art

A simple and artistic creation is made when you create this simple design by melting white chocolate and drizzling it in irregular lines over the cake. It is fun and make a cake look good, no matter what. Add nuts pour icing to the border and a few renditions of white chocolate on top.



Cookie Fence
This turns out to be an architectural wonder in the cake world, and is the simplest to create! Simply line the side of the cake with tube shaped wafer cookies, selecting any color as you desire. Fill the top of the cake with strawberries or berries of your choice.






Fruit Delight

An easy way decorate cake is with fresh fruit! Using nature’s bounty creates a beautiful dessert. Center the top of the cake with garnished fruits, like strawberries drizzled with white chocolate. Blueberries and grapes can also be used to make the cake more colorful.




Cereal Galore

How about making your cake colorful with colored cereal? The cake turns out looking like funfetti mess!









Candy Party

This cake looks so good and all kids will love it. All you need are some kit-kats and chocolates or sweets of your desire, and follow a pattern of your choice! Create the border of the cake with a kit-kat fence, and add the candies on the top-center of the cake.






Floral Cakes

Yes, you can even add flowers to the cake. If you don’t have the skill in making icing flowers, add real flowers on top of your cake.