Interested in changing your car’s interior? Then why not try making leather seats yourself for it! This may be a bit of hard work, but with this guide, you will easily be able to manage creating fitted leather car seat covers.


This will help save you some money and also make your car look cleaner and classier. You will mainly need some leather material, scissors, and a heavy duty sewing machine.


  1. Remove the current seat covers of your car. Start by removing the seam ripper, and cut any threads sprawling out. Remove the material covering the seat after this in the same way.


  1. Open the side seams of the material, as you will use it for the new seats. Put this material, inside out, on top of the leather piece you have. Pin the material to the leather and trace the pattern. Slowly cut the leather with a sharp scissor.


  1. Cut the pattern correctly.


  1. Use a heavy-duty sewing machine with a thick thread and sew the covering according to the shape you have cut.


  1. Put on the seat covers correctly!