An advertising agency’s job is to create a successful campaign for its clients to promote their business. It is a service based agency, which has to keep in mind not just the client’s demands but the latest trends which are evolving in the market as well.

There are millions of ad agencies present in the whole world. Those which are really dedicated have even grown on the international level are catering to big brands and names as well as some of their local clientele.

We have compiled a list of what we believe to be the best advertising agencies in the US. Their rankings are solely based on their popularity, the number of clients which they cater to and their overall success rate.

1.     MullenLowe

MullenLowe is the number 1 advertising agency on our list. Based in the US, this agency is basically a merger of Mullen and Lowe, two separate  ad agencies in the past but both having very clear views regarding advertising and entrepreneurship. This ad agency is always one step ahead when it comes to adapting the different trends emerging in the market. It would not be wrong saying that this agency is actually a trendsetter in many aspects as well.

Some of its prominent clients are American Greetings, Acura, Google, jetBlue, Olympus, National Geographic Channel and among many others.

You can learn more about this agency by visiting its official website at

2.     Ogilvy

Since its conception in 1850, Ogilvy has become an extremely popular ad agency all over the world. Although it was initially London based, it has now spread its wings to different parts f the world and has its headquarters based in the New York City now. It has grabbed a lot of awards in the world of advertisement as well. Its major clients are IBM, Aspen, Dove, American Express and Merrill Lynch.

You can visit the company’s website at

3.     Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners

Although this ad agency is not as big as its competitors, yet it is one of the best agencies to be providing its services in the US. Butler, Shine and Stern is a midsized business based in San Francisco. It is a highly sought after ad agency which has come forward with some awesome campaigns. It has worked with big brands as MINI, Nike and even Columbia Pictures.

You can check them out at

4.     The Martin Agency

If you are searching for the biggest name in the world of advertisement, then the Martin Agency is definitely the company you are looking for. Based in Richmond, Virginia, the Martin Agency provides its clients with strategic planning, data and digital analysis, direct response as well as all the content which they require for the promotion of their brand. They have catered to many wonderful brands including WalMart, Oreo, GEICO and UPS.

You can learn more about the Martin Agency by visiting

5.     Droga5

A company which is known for its top notch services and out of the box ideas, Droga5 is a well known name in the world of advertising agencies. It produces campaigns which are not just compatible with today’s digital world but it also provides its services to the public sector as well. Some of its prominent clients are UNICEF, Trident, Pizza Hut, HBO, Google, Chase, Clearasil, Prudential and Clinton Foundation.

More details related to Droga 5 are present at

6.     Wieden + Kennedy

This wonderful ad agency is considered to among the very best for more than 3 decades now. It is based in Portland, United States and has another subsidiary working in London as well. It has developed campaigns for internationally known brands like JFC, Herbal Essences, Coca Cola, Old Spice, Proctor & Gamble and Samsung, to name a few. The official website of this ad agency is

7.     Deutsch

Deutsch is on number 7 among our top 10 list of advertising agencies. It is the subsidiary of Lowe and known for its recognition in the whole world. The agency prides itself in building brands and of being an awesome explorer. Some of its major clients are Microsoft, Sony PlayStation and Unilever. You can visit the agency’s website at

8.     BBDO

If you are looking for an ad agency which has been there the longest and has survived almost every kind of good and bad days, then BBDO is the ad agency you need to know about. It was initially called the Batten Company when it was first formed in 1891. However, later in 1928, it became known as BBDo through the merger of four different companies. Its services in the field of advertising are highly regarded by the professionals. It has also been mentioned in different radio and TV programs. You can also hear its name in a few films as well as in a Broadway production. To know more about the wonderful achievements of this prestigious ad agency, visit its website at

9.     CP+B

A company with over flowing creative juices, CP+B has got big brand names like Old Navy and Domino’s as its clients. This company operates in Miami and Boulder, LA. More could be learned about it from

10.           Grey Advertising

It is a huge market oriented advertising agency with its offices present in different parts of the world. When it comes to media, no other agency can compete with its creativity and the methods of accomplishment. It has worked with a diverse range of clients including food chains, hair care products as well fast food agencies. One of its most remarkable advertisements is the Charlie Sheen commercial which it produced for DirecTV.

The official website of Grey Advertising is