Setback card is a fun game in which teams of two, three and even four players can compete with one another. Every team has to have 2 players who play in a partnership for winning tricks which contain the cards. While playing the game might be overall easy, it is forming a perfect partnership which is essential for paying the Setback card game right. We have come up with a set of perfect instructions which can help you in mastering your game from scratch.

Step 1:

Start by dealing the cards. Every player gets to have 6 cards each but only 3 cards can be given together at a time.

Step 2:

You can start with the bid now. The player who is sitting on the left side of the dealer gets to bid first. At one time, any player can bid up to 3 cards at a time. if a player does not wish to bid, he can simply pass his turn.


It is important that the bid of every player should be higher than the first one for winning the game. Thus, the player who gets to bid the highest and bids the most wins. In case if all the players decide not to bid, then the dealer has to step in and bid himself.

Step 3:

The person who wins has to lead a card. In such case, the first card which is led is the trump card for the hand. The other players have to either follow suit or play trump themselves. The player with the highest number of trump cards naturally wins.


It is to be noted that any player can play trump during the game.

Step 4:

In case no trump is played by any player then a trick has to be given to the player who has got the most number of cards.

Step 5:

In case you take the trick, you have to lead a new card now.

Step 6:

It is important to know that every player can have 4 points during each hand. The players who have the lowest trump, highest trump or jack of trump get 1 point each.


It is important to tally the points of every player during the game for keeping track of the winner.

What is Setback in the Game?

Every team which bids cannot automatically score points. Points can be scored by any team any time. Setback is when the amount the failing team bids in the end is subtracted from its overall score. The team which gets 3 setbacks comes out as the looser.