Humans have limited powers as, but most of us desire to gain the ability to have supernatural powers for fame and fortune. However, only with a radical mutation in the DNA can abilities and powers turn out in them.  But the human brain is a very powerful and strong component of a human being, and can be used in ways to achieve many impossible things. There are certain supernatural powers which can be possessed by a human with its help. Below is a list of the top 10 powers (in random order) one can have with its help:


  1. Telepathy

Telepathy is when two people communicate through the mind without physical or verbal contact. It is the ability to know exactly what the other is thinking or trying to tell you without the use of speech or action.


  1. Mind Control

Unlike telepathy, this is a dangerous act as in this superpower, a person can control the brain of the other person and make them think as they desire. The person who control the mind of the other can temper the thoughts of the other person.


  1. Pyrokinesis

This is a superpower in which a person can create fire out of air. They can create fireballs or lights in certain colors.


  1. Levitation

Levitation is a phenomenon in which a person is able to lift the body above the ground level of another person. It makes the other person float in air. Some people consider this as an optical illusion.


  1. Spiritual Communicating

When a person dies, it s impossible to connect with them in the spiritual world. However, there are people who have the power to communicate and interact with the dead.


  1. Seeing through Illusions

Some people have the ability to go beyond the wall of a person’s thinking and mind, and can easily detect a truth or a lie. Such a person has a different brain structure and can never be fooled.


  1. Telekinesis 

This is a superpower in which a person can move objects according to their wish. This is also considered as an optical illusion as it is taught in many books these days as an imaginary act.  It is like being under a spell of mesmerism.


  1. Astral Projection

Astral projection is ability to transport a soul into another place while the body remains in another. The soul travels to distances with the help of the mind. This power has been observed in people who have come out of a coma after a long time.


  1. Psychometry

This superpower is much linked to the sensory perceptions, as in this, a person has the ability to go through another person’s personal belonging to find out about them.


  1. Regeneration

This is a rare superpower in which a person has the ability to heal. Such a person has a strong mind, as when they are harmed, their mind can force organic tissues of the body to heal quickly. Their mind orders the body to heal even when they are physically hurt. They can usually heal others as well.