Who doesn’t love perfectly ironed clothes. But, when you accidentally burn your shirt and leave a scorch behind, everything starts looking bad. While removing scorch from a badly burnt clothing item is not possible, but id the burn is light, then you can remove the scorch easily.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Take a clean cotton cloth and dip it into a bowl of hydrogen peroxide. Place the dipped area on the scorch and rub a slightly hot iron over it. The scorch will be removed from the cloth. If it doesn’t work in the first try, then repeat.

Soak in Cold Water

Once you have caused a scorch on the fabric, you can remove the marks by immediately soaking it into cold water for the whole day.

Use Vinegar

Tae a clean cloth and dip it into vinegar. Rub it on the scorched area. Now take another clean cloth, moist it with water and rub it over the scorched area again. Rub a slightly hot iron over the scorch and It would be removed miraculously.