At outdoor fairs and events, displaying art is an effective technique and a great means to sell your art to people who don’t visit art galleries. Artwork looks more appealing in such casual settings and under the canopy and sunshine, the artwork displayed can be viewed more closely. You also get to speak to people interested in your work and represent your creations in a positive manner. For this reason, displaying art at an outdoor fair is the perfect idea to represent your talent.


If you have found an art fair or event in the newspaper to display your artwork, you should showcase them there and start making preparations for it. Here are a list of tips and techniques on how to make the most of it in display and aesthetics to showcase your work at the outdoor fair.


Indoor or Outdoor Fair

Find out the details about the art fair. An indoor and an outdoor fair vary when it comes to setting and displaying your work. For outdoor events, you will need a canopy for shading and protection against wind or rain. For an indoor event, you will need to form a stall. Outdoor fairs provide sufficient lighting and a great ambiance for displaying your work.


Vary in Art Pieceshow to display art

Create your work in different sizes, as displaying them would look nicer and attract more buyers. You should have more artwork than needed so that you have extras with you . That way, you can replace a piece when an art piece sale is made from the display. Empty stalls never appeal to buyers.



Presenting Your Art

You can display your paintings in different ways at a fair, but remember that presentation and accessibility to your work is vital when setting the display booth. A painting looks best when it is hung by a wall rather than it lying on a table. You can use folding room dividers for an outdoor fair, and attach hooks to the divider or lattices that can attach the art work. Keep the paintings hung at eye level, and the best ones at the front.



Setting Up the Stall

Ensure there is a lot of space for art pieces to be set on a table, like sculptures or figurines. Keep your entire booth neat and clean, making it look organized. Set all the tables with cloth in a neutral color. White clothes make the art pieces stand out more. Set a small space for your sales work and wrapping. Let there be enough walking space in the booth too so that buyers can walk around to view your pieces closely.


Guestbook and Business Cards

Set up a guestbook for your buyers and visitors to sign and leave their name and address  if they wish to be notified for more of your fairs or exhibitions. You must hand out your business cards to visitors too in case they wish to contact you again for details. Building a networking with buyers can go long way at such fairs.



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