While fishing for trout, the best bait to use is worms. Trout is drawn to both earthworms and night crawlers, which seep into rivers and lakes by rain. If you plan to catch the biggest trout in the lot, use worms to lure your catch, and correctly hook the worm before casting them. Below is a guide on the right way to fish for trout with the help of worms as bait:


Step 1

Hook the worms according to the size. This means, a small hook will go with small worms, while large hooks have to be used for long worms. Use earthworms for the small hooks, while night crawlers can be thread to large hooks. Never choose a hook beyond No. 4 for fishing for trout.


Step 2

Hook the worm at 2 different places. This should be in a way that the hook cannot be seen by the trout.. You can break a worm in half to cover the hook clearly.

Step 3

Cast the worm into the river from where it goes from shallow to deep. Trout stays in shallow pools as they wait for food to be brought by the current to the river.


Step 4

Remain quiet as you wait. This is because trout senses movement and noise very quickly.


Step 5

Reel the line when needed and impart with irregular jerks. When the trout catches the worm, the fishing line will move, and then you should drop your rod tip so as to release the pressure on it. Use a quick snap upwards and pull out the trout.