Black Pinstripe Suit

A suit can make any rugged and weary man transform into a gentleman. However, it was the pinstripe suit Leonardo DiCaprio wore in The Wolf of Wall Street as Jordan Belfort that revolutionized the style of suits for men. The ever-stylish suit with pinstripes has survived the test of times and has become a wardrobe essential for men at present.


Originating in Britain in the early times amongst the elite class, it is still unresolved whether the pinstripe suit  claimed from the banker’s uniforms or from the boating men’s uniform and stepped into the world of men’s fashion. But by the 1940’s, the pinstripe suit became a very popular clothing item across Britain and America. It was seen flaunted by men at work, on the street, and at the evening parties. After all, who can forget the slim-fit pinstripe suits Clark Gable wore in Gone With The Wind? The uproar of this lined suit grew worldwide within a short span of time then.


At present, the pinstripe suits remain a hot wardrobe item for men. While the pinstripe suits are worn in different dark colors, black suits with pinstripes are the most popular. This is because black pinstripe suits give a neat, and polished look to a man who adds it to their ensemble. But the glorious suit does have one problem: if it is worn with incorrect accessories, the entire look can be ruined. For this reason, one has to know what to wear with a black pinstripe suit correctly. There are a few rules to follow when wearing a black pinstripe suit:



What shirt to wear with a black pinstripe suit?

The best shirt for a black pinstripe suit is a plain white shirt. Think Leonardo in The Wolf of Wall Street. However, you can choose other colors, but refrain from grays at it can offset a black suit. Do not wear a button-down shirt with patterns splashed on it or checkereds that compete with the stripes in the suit.


Should you wear cufflinks with the black pinstripe suit?

Cufflinks will make your look even more polished and classy. Choose cufflinks in gold or silver. If you wear a ring or a watch, match the cufflinks with it to add more elegance.



Which tie will look its best with the black pinstripe suit?

A solid colored tie looks best with pinstripe suits. A patterned tie can ruin your look . Choose a solid colored tie in any color when you have a black pinstripe suit on. You can even wear a black tie with the black pinstripe suit, but do not wear a black button-down shirt under it! Your tie can have embossed or subtle patterns that don’t clash with the suit and ruin your look.


Which socks and shoes to choose when wearing a black pinstripe suit?

Your shoes with a pinstripe suit must match your suit color. This is the most important rule of any pinstripe suit. In case of a black pinstripe suit, choose black dress shoes. Avoid wearing scuffed shoes, and keep them shined. Never wear white or light colored socks with a black pinstripe suit. You must wear black formal dress socks when donning this suit.










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