Need to make temporary, fake nails for a costume or event? You don’t have to worry, because it is very easy to come up with ways to make artificial nails! Here is a simple guide on creating artificial nails at home:



Things you will need


  • Transparent tape
  • Scissors
  • Nail polish
  • Nail buff




  1. Take an ordinary single-sided Scotch tape.


  1. Place a piece of tape over your nail, by tearing off a strip of it about two times longer than the fingernail. The tape should cover the entire fingernails and extend past it, making the whole nail look glossy. The tape should be pressed on the nail, especially on the sides, to make it look glossy. If the tape is wide, trim it with a pair of scissors.


  1. Cover the underside of the tape extending from the fingernail with nail polish. The removes the sticky effect of the fake nail from the back.


  1. Buff the nail from 3 or 4 at the bottom of the nail very gently to make the tape wear down.


  1. Decorate the nail with any colored nail polish of your choice.